Recently, I was inspired to ask a friend, “What was the most important take away from your Reiki+SR sessions?” 

To be honest, Sonia’s last session affected me deeply. Although she has received in person treatments, it was the most recent, long distance one that tugged on my heart. 

It supported her twenty-year-old Tortie cat, Rita, as she transitioned to another realm.

I’m one of a few friends who were able to support Sonia and Rita with Reiki over the course of a weekend. Reiki is a wonderful, empowering gift that is accessible to all. It is just an Attunement away!

This story is from my experience only. It doesn’t include the perspective or experiences of the other beautiful souls who sent Reiki to Sonia and Rita. Undoubtedly, the synergy of a group would amplify the healing exponentially. Meaning the overall effect would be much greater than the sum of the effects of the individual parts 

Rita the Torte

I have neither sent long distance Reiki to a cat before, nor to a sentient being who was dying.

One thing was clear to me – Rita was Sonia’s earth angel.
Tuning in to Rita’s energy, I set the intention that Reiki flow for the highest and greatest good as determined by the Divine Source. I am keenly aware that any intention for healing directed by my ideas of how it ‘should’ look is a form of personal judgement. But this is an individual thing – intention is key to energy work.

To be honest, I try and remove myself from the equation. It’s liberating to me – it’s out of my hands – but empowering as well (the Reiki is in my hands, lol).

In that moment, however, I was distinctly aware of not feeling the energetic movement that is typical in my long distance sessions.

“Maybe I’m not able to connect with cats,” I thought with a tinge of disappointment.

The energy remained quiet, elusive

“What do you need Rita?” I asked the Source.

I knew others were sending Reiki as well at different times and felt a little disappointment that I was unable to assist. 
Because Rita was clearly not receiving from me at that point in time.
I was about to disconnect when her answer arrived.

“Hold me.”

We Are All Connected

I picked up a nearby teddy bear that I use as a correspondence for long distance Reiki sessions. Cuddles the teddy bear has assisted me in many long distance sessions! Scooping the bear up in my arms, I felt a subtle change.

Just then, the ping of my phone announced a message – I had forgotten to silence it.

It was Sonia thanking me for sending Reiki. But it was the content of her message that made my skin prickle.

“Oh, I wish Rita was a cat who liked being picked up and cuddled. And that I could fix her. Thanks so much for sending Reiki, Dawn.”

Erm… I was holding her essence at that very moment.

As I absorbed this plus the amazing synchronicity of Sonia sending that message right now, a warmth surged through me into Cuddles… Rita.

It was the surge of Reiki being received. 

I sat there cradling Rita’s essence as her story flowed through me. 

She was telling me what she needed.

Still holding Rita, I messaged Sonia:

“I was energetically holding her in my arms when you texted. I had a vision of you with one hand on Rita to comfort her and then energetically scooping her essence into your arms like I am doing right now; she would love that. It may not be comfortable for her to be physically held for various reasons. 

But energetically, you could also use a teddy bear or just imagine scooping up her essence to cradle in your arms. I just finished the Reiki. She received lovingly. She felt very cool at first but when I held her in my arms she warmed up really quickly. I hope this makes sense.”

The Many Leafs of Healing

Rita was transitioning. 

Her last message to Sonia through me was this, “Rita doesn’t want to leave you. But if you could both make peace over that it would help her. To let her know it’s okay. For her to leave. No guilt, that’s probably why there is no Reiki being accepted from you now. She isn’t accepting the intention of physical healing but she is always accepting your LOVE.”

I forgot to mention Sonia is attuned to Reiki as well. 

She had felt unable to give Reiki to Rita in the last phases of dying and felt tremendous guilt and fear that she was failing her. 

Rita wanted her to know that all Sonia had to DO was love her.

I could feel the bond of love she shared with her human. They had been through so much together. Rita didn’t want to leave Sonia broken hearted but it was her time to pass over.

She had clearly demonstrated the subtle difference between Reiki supporting physical ‘curing’ versus Reiki supporting emotional & spiritual healing for both Sonia and herself. 

What a gift Rita gave us all as she accepted the latter with love and grace.

Imagine helping those we love – animal and human – to transition with acceptance and love? Allowing. Releasing. Surrendering to just one last expression of unconditional LOVE.

My son Noah was the first to teach me this.

And Rita the tortie mirrored this incredible message as well. She showed us a way to support without guilt or judgement. 

Just love… nothing else.

Reiki as Compassionate Care

It was a poignant experience for me and such a privilege to hold the space for these two luminous beings – supporting Sonia in being able to help Rita pass over and to also find peace and comfort in the process.

“You have such an amazing ability to welcome the whole person at ‘in-person’ sessions. I felt immediately safe and taken care of – which is so important and doesn’t always happen, and then effects the session. This helped me to both relax and be present, in that moment & open to the energy. Your ability to receive messages in preparation for your session with me – was so grounding for me. 

The long-distance Reiki you sent Rita and I, was an absolutely incredible experience – the gift you gave to me – knowing what Rita needed. I know it could have been measured with my pulse/heart rate ….it was literally like I felt a switch click off. I was overcome with a sense of calm, which allowed me to be there for her in her last hours.

You are such a beautiful, gifted and amazing healer.” 

-Sonia & Rita | Fall River, NS

Dawn Williams is a self-professed, Cloud Whispering Reiki Master based in NS, Canada. Her work infuses the Divine frequency of Reiki with her innate ability to tap into patterns, symbolic references and intuitive story to evoke profound soul-based connections and energetic shifts.

Dawn’s private practice currently serves clients in Canada & the US.
Passionate about story, her work has been published in the Huffington Post, Woman’s World and The Mighty. Recent collaborations include offering Reiki Attunements, unique Reiki infused workshops and experiential opportunities for a growing community of Reiki initiates.

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Compassionate Reiki for Rita the Tortie
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