The wizard in my crystal was whispering to me. The vibrations floated up from my treatment room, right into my awareness.


The essence of the crystal grid being used to empower the intentions of the participants of my REBIRTH workshop, floated right up with it. You see, I don’t really get images, it’s more like story essences. It’s hard to explain. I accept that it just is.


The essence of the story was showing me this crystal grid. The “wizard quartz” is the Master crystal I'm using to empower our intentions for the next 4 weeks of my REBIRTH sacral chakra workshop. And he - the wizard shaped occlusion in this crystal - was insisting we go on an outing!


Today. Right now. There was work to be done, energy to amplify.


My heart sang an ancient song that my soul instantly recognized. What would I need? I began to gather my tools - the wizard crystal and my peacock ore to balance the chakra system.


Rushing outside, I knelt in the fragrant clover that covers my lawn and whispered, “Who wants to come along?” My eye rested on a large green shoot and several more. All beautiful 3 leaf clover. Closing my eyes, I asked with my heart, “Any 4 leafs today?”


“No, not now.”


Instead, as I opened my eyes, the next offering presented itself. A lovely 5 leaf clover was stepping up to the plate. I gently lay her with the others, sending deep gratitude to Mother for her infinite bounty and generosity.


And then I was off.


I knew where I was being called - a lovely quartz rock beneath freshly leafed limbs of reaching trees. This place is very close to my home. I have visited this spot for 5 years, sitting, pondering, weeping and staring in awe as nature showed me possibilities I never imagined possible.


The essence of this place is joined with me as surely as I am with it.


And now my wizard quartz was showing me it wished to participate in not only my healing, but also the healing intentions of the eleven lovely ladies in my workshop.


I arranged the clover on the quartz alter beneath the tree, adding my wizard crystal as well. I kept the little peacock ore in my left hand as I sat and channeled Reiki.



The birds sang sweetly.


The trees swayed gracefully to their song.


The wind moved through me.


The lake water flowed, clearing and releasing us all.


After a while, I was inspired to dip my blue peacock ore in the fresh water... feeling the ritual complete... anointed by nature’s purity.


As I knelt beside the quartz alter once more, a small piece of slate lying nearby flowed into my awareness. It was shaped like a robed person. An ancient wise woman is what I was shown. So, I added her to the alter with the clover. I was made aware that the essence of the slate, paired with the quartz and clover, would continue to empower our intentions.



The land gives and gives.


But also, is so open to receive!


I shared Reiki with the trees, the water and the earth in appreciation. Mother held me as we danced and swayed with the song of the wind.


When I arrived home, I looked up the symbolism of slate and this is what I found:


“Slate has properties of revitalizing inner body energy. This gemstone can revive vitality or passion that you may have felt lost.”




Nature and spirit joined together to amplify, revitalize and infuse our intentions with passion and grace.


There is so much more that I could tell...


How the essence of llama showed up during the empowering…


How I found a 4 leaf clover upon returning home.


How I passed a man peeing in the woods. Are you paying attention? Sadly this is true as well, lol!


And how the land showed me, that by sharing my clover from here to there… and so much more… we are connected as surely as family. Our roots merge together as one.


But if you want to hear it all, you must ask the trees, the water and the stones to share.


They hold stories and legends that go back to the beginning of time itself. You see, each time we share our presence, our stories with the trees, the water, the earth - in love and compassion - our essences merge as one.


Empowering our intentions.


Becoming richer for the sharing.


Flowing, merging, rooting, soaring…


Will you stop to listen, I wonder?

~Dawn xo

Dawn Williams is a self-professed, Cloud Whispering Reiki Master based in NS, Canada. Her work infuses the Divine frequency of Reiki with her innate ability to tap into patterns, symbolic references and intuitive story to evoke profound soul-based connections and energetic shifts.

Dawn's private practice currently serves clients in Canada & the US.
Passionate about story, her work has been published in the Huffington Post, Woman’s World and The Mighty. Recent collaborations include offering Reiki Attunements, unique Reiki infused workshops and experiential opportunities for a growing community of Reiki initiates.

Find 4Leaf4Life on social media at:


Text and images Copyright to Dawn Williams/4Leaf4Life Reiki+Synergistic Resonance.

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Wizard in the Crystal
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