At first glance, the 5 spiritual principles of Reiki may seem too simple, too basic. However, simplicity is often where we find the most profound truths. When we are attuned to the energy of Reiki, we are given these principles to reflect and meditate upon.


Let’s look at the inherent wisdom within these principles that may be used by all… not just those attuned to Reiki.


Below the Principles, I also reflect on how it is possible to “move from anger to peace.”


The Reiki Principles

By embodying these 5 simple principles, we place our attention on the energy of now and arrive at a place closer to peace and gratitude:


∞ Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

“Just for today” is focusing on the present moment, not the past or the future. Right here, right now we are worthy and have blessings in this moment.


∞ Just for today, I will not worry.

When we worry, we live in a future of what might happen. Our energy  is lessened and diluted in the present moment. We have less resources to focus on what we want right now. In its purest state, if we are “not worrying” we are trusting.


∞ Just for today, I will not be angry.

When our boundaries are violated and we feel unable to express our feelings (safety issues, powerlessness etc) we contract and anger may result. It is healthy to express all feelings in a conscious manner.

However, when we hold onto anger and constrict the movement of this energy, it creates a pressure cooker situation where our feelings continue to build and build and eventually release in inappropriate ways.

Think of a champagne bottle being shaken until eventually the cork is released under pressure, the resulting overflow cannot be managed easily. It is messy, the movement of fluid (feelings) cannot be stopped.


∞ Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

In this case, "work" is referencing our inner work. Our greatest work is ourselves. Our inner state of being has the ability to affect our reality and that of everyone connected to us.

Can we be honest in exploring the light and dark? Can we be compassionate and honest about our own shortcomings or blind sides?

If we are willing to explore with honesty and without judgement, we are able to release illusions, beliefs and attachments which may not serve our highest and greatest good. Allowing us to release density and expand our capacity to hold the light at the same time.


∞ Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

Compassion brings us closer to higher states of being. Having empathy for others and a willingness to help in constructive and healthy ways brings us closer. Respecting boundaries and understanding that each person's journey is always directed by their level of truth and free will creates kindness and tolerance for a variety of life choices.




Someone once asked me if they could change the Reiki Principles to be positive affirmations. For example,  "just for today I will trust" instead of "I will not worry." When I checked in with my inner truth, this is what came up for me in response:


The New Age way seems to be all about the positive. Which is a good thing when setting intentions/affirmations - calling in what we do want. However, when we are doing the “work”, it is only half the story.


When we ignore the shadow, we can never truly integrate our full self. The most challenging "work" is acknowledging the shadow and integrating it within our being in a way that is healthy and whole.


For example, if I say to you “be peaceful” and you are filled with anger, this does not recognize that you have anger.  So, how do we then go from anger to peace when half our experience is denied?


For me, the way the principles are worded above underscores that the process to move into peace starts with recognizing and acknowledging the anger (or worry etc). The reflection and work then becomes “how do I move from anger to peace?”


The first step as noted above, is to acknowledge that we have anger! If we try and move directly to “I must be at peace,” immediately we know on some level that we are lying. This then contributes to further suppression of healthy feelings and further compounding the energetic density.


Our feelings are the way our body and spirit communicate, by ignoring or repressing some of our feelings, we ignore or repress a piece of ourselves. This leads to judgement, which leads to more disconnection from self.


Denying any part of our experience denies our wholeness which I feel will always create a barrier to the true expression of our inner essence. In accepting all aspects of ourselves, we illuminate the way home to peace, joy and inner harmony.


Finally, the importance of moving towards love, gratitude and compassion as a state of being cannot be underestimated. But it doesn't mean that we deny our feelings or any part of our experience. The work then becomes an ebb and flow of witnessing our feelings, allowing healthy movement of this energy and creating conscious action and intent towards a more harmonious way of life.


What are your thoughts? I really want to know!


~Dawn xo

Dawn Williams is a self-professed, Cloud Whispering Reiki Master based in NS, Canada. Her work infuses the Divine frequency of Reiki with her innate ability to tap into patterns, symbolic references and intuitive story to evoke profound soul-based connections and energetic shifts.

Dawn's private practice currently serves clients in Canada & the US.
Passionate about story, her work has been published in the Huffington Post, Woman’s World and The Mighty. Her offerings include 1:1 private sessions, Private Mentoring, Reiki Attunements, unique Reiki infused workshops and experiential opportunities for a small but mighty community of spiritual explorers.

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Moving from Anger to Peace
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