Part 1

“I wanted to send you this picture and see if you get a message to share?”
The photo is powerful - a time lapse created by Mike Bolte. Vivid light explodes all over the horizon, creating a lightning scape the likes of which I have never seen before. It takes my breath away with its sheer power.
“It was lightning strikes that caused most of the fires here in California. Last week there were 12,000 lightning strikes in California alone! California rarely sees lightning at all, so to have dry lightning storms like that is a mind-blowing phenomenon.”
I close my mouth. It is suddenly dry, like the ashes of devastation my mind’s eye conjures up as I read the rest of Kristi’s email. She is part of my online community.
“The fires going on here in California are crazy scary! We are safe down here in San Diego, but my husband's hometown Boulder Creek/Santa Cruz, California is burning. That fire has burned through most of Big Basin State Park which is home to the ancient redwoods.”
Shivers run up and down my spine.
“I thought this picture* has such a majestic quality to it, strong, intense and beautiful. To have witnessed that live in person would have been jaw dropping gorgeous.  But now with knowing the devastation it has caused to so many people it is heart wrenching!
I find myself just wanting to be scared and angry. It's kind of hard to stay grounded and centered in the belief that Mother Nature has a plan and all will be well in the midst of so much of our state burning out of control.”
Do I have a message? I sat down as the energy moved through me in massive chills.
I did not as I remain somewhat sheltered from daily news… but Mother Earth certainly does. This is what burned through:
The lightning scape is like an etch a sketch with the lightning forming images that seem to flicker and move. A key shape is formed by one of the lightning strikes in the middle of the photo.
I hear, “You all hold the key.”
Each and every one of us.
“Kristi’s words are to be shared.”
Not just mine.


We are all needed urgently.


“Listen deeply. What is your next action? It may be big or seemingly small… but the important part is to trust and take the guided step.”
We need to take that step collectively. Each and every one of us.
I also hear “Are you all in or are you all done?”
Like an auctioneer might say when asking for the last bid to be made from the audience.
The word ‘audience’ feels significant because we are not here right now to observe.
“You are all needed to put in your best bid. Everything. That will mean different things from each of you.”
We are not to judge what that is or feel that any input/action is too small. There is no-thing too small.
“Act upon your inspiration just like these lightning bolts from the sky. The lightning does not hesitate. Look how many bolts there are [the photo is filled with dozens of flashes of ligh]. They don’t think, ‘that lightning bolt is enough’, together they are too much, or ‘I am not as bright as that one’. The energy moves through. Nothing is held back.”
“There is more to see in the photo.”
I look closer.
I see great beings in the sky! The energy moves up and down my spine in synch with the photo.
As I look, I am filled with sorrow.


The trees are crying.


Nature has no choice but to purge and let the energy roll through to be expressed no matter what happens.
The more we remain inactive, the more she carries for all of us. The more eruptions that will occur. 
These are the messages I receive.
I take one last look at the photo.
The pattern of lightning forms animals and beings walking in spirit among us. I see elephants and gorilla. People and star beings.
They are all watching.
Waiting for us to act.
I read Kristi’s final words:
“Here is a pic from 5 years ago when we took our daughter up there to visit. She and I are standing inside that huge redwood.
The next pic is that same redwood on fire a few days ago. Fire inside right where we had stood. A good friend is a volunteer firefighter there- they are all volunteer fire depts in those small towns up in those mountains- and they are woefully understaffed and don't have enough resources to take on a fire this big!
He took this picture himself as the crew knew it was too much and they had to retreat from that area. There was nothing more they could do. The fire was winning. It's so devasting.”
As I look with tears in my eyes at the magnificent tree and the fire that ravages everything in its wake, thunder echoes in the distance.
Six thousand kilometres from California, Mother nature echoes her message to me now as I sit here in Nova Scotia.
The rain pelts down in huge tears.
The thunder roars.
The lightning forks down.
Somewhere in the distance, I hear once more:

“Are you all in?”



Lightning forms the beings that I see so clearly and the ... key.
They came in once more during an energy share that Kristi & I co-created with my Facebook community the next morning.
My first question after tuning in to the fires in California was to ask "what do you need?"


My heart felt heavy. Looking up the definition of penitence, it is "the action of feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong."
I felt the rage of the fire. It was uncomfortable to say the least! I was shown nature raging, symbolic of the rage of the collective burning out of control with nature having no choice but to funnel it off.
I offered up my sorrow, and regret on behalf of everyone who was willing... It was a deep well of pain and love.
Next, I was shown Kristi's tree/trees. I/we? stepped into the space energetically. There was such deep sorrow as the trees burned. Then spirit flamed up inside of me/us. The three fold flame of yellow, pink, then blue erupted out from our core like a seismic eruption. I was shown it helped transmute the fear, anger etc more quickly. We added our energetic support for this process!
I saw that, as a group, when we come together our focus is 10 fold and so much bigger than our numbers.
Then I was shown the lightning beings/creatures in my mind's eye once more. They were gathering and supporting this process energetically.
They looked into my eyes, into my soul and I heard:
"Where is humanity to help us?"

Where are we?

It's time to connect to our ancestors, our spirituality, Mother Nature... to remember our true essence.
Gorilla's burning eyes looked right through me (gorilla has come to me lately outside of this message with profound insight as well). He beat his chest in rage, then power.
The power reverberated right through me...us. Empowering our solar plexus. Even though it may seem that we have forgotten nature ...
...she will never forget us. Never stop giving.
No matter what...

Can we do the same with each other? With nature?

I accepted gorilla medicine. I felt empowered... maybe you feel it too? Crazy paradox when this situation feels so disempowering! I invite you to sit with that...
I thank you for joining us. I thank Kristi for inviting me to be part of this profound exchange with her. And I invite all of you to add your energy and focus to this intention if you feel the call.
It's never too late.

Nature has spoken.

PS incredible photo/segments of a photo that inspired Kristi from social media. The creator is Mike.Bolte.9 on facebook! I received permission to share publicly from Mr. Bolte.🙌

~Dawn xo

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Nature Speaks: Wild Fire Message
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