Over the last year plus more, pandemic has created a universal condition to initiate the process of rebirth. Changing global circumstances have had the unique ability to disrupt routines and entrenched patterns for the masses ... all at the same time!
Let's be honest - it’s been an uncomfortable process.
Nothing makes sense as old ways crumble.
As the reality we live in reverberates with all these changes, illusions are revealed. We are forced to stop. To listen to what our soul really wants, what our ineffable self needs to support her/his/their purpose and embody their highest expression. Right here. Right now. When we find that connection, we are okay no matter what circumstances unfold.
When we view this from a higher perspective, we see that when there is discomfort or dissonance in our life, the process of stopping, creates a space to illuminate that truth. We often use our busy-ness to mask this discomfort so that we do not have to feel it. This keeps us in the status quo and may prevent the full potential our soul has for growth.
When the rebirth process is triggered, we become aware of a dissonance between the spiritual self and the material self. We feel uncomfortable in the body. Because feelings are how the body speaks and lets us know what spirit needs and wants. How we are meant to express our purpose and truth.
We reach for meaning.


What the Heck is Rebirth?

  • Imagine a circle, this is a sacred shape… with no beginning or end. It reflects the process of death and rebirth which is mirrored everywhere we look in the natural world.
  • It’s a natural cycle. This doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. It isn’t. But when we recognize it for what it is – the process of shedding that which no longer serves our highest good – it provides an opportunity to align more fully with our divine essence.
  • Rebirth is a process of coming home to our connection to spirit and ultimately ourselves. It is often initiated by loss (people, old ways, structures). For me my deepest wound is abandonment. Feeling unseen, unloved. This total disconnect leads us on a search for what is true and inevitably leads us within.
  • When we recognize this pattern, it helps us move through the process feeling supported.


Using the Sacral Chakra to Step into the Energy of Rebirth

One way to embrace this process is to focus on your sacral chakra because it is the centre of your feelings, relationships, creativity, womb, divine feminine essence, basic feeling nature and creative gifts…
You can align with flow here. 
Located below the navel, the sacral chakra is the center of our feelings and creativity. Through this chakra, we begin to understand our reactions to our inner and outer worlds and decide how we are going to express those reactions.
Energy healing has been a crucial ingredient of my own journey as I am birthed again and again. As someone who has experienced expansion and growth during this process, it is part of my purpose to guide others through this portal of change. If you would like some guidance exploring your sacral chakra using energy healing, I wrote a Reiki infused visualization for email subscribers called the Womb of Creation HERE.
You may be feeling quiet, searching for purpose, missing your usual spark, wondering "what is the point of life?" If any of this resonates, you may be experiencing this process of Rebirth right now. My latest mini workshop REBIRTH is designed to help you through this process with me as your guide. There's a really cool visualization to Stonehenge, distance energy healing plus more!
Finally, often nothing changes on the outside during the initial stage of this process, it is mostly internal as we rest in the dark womb of creation.
The challenge is to connect with our inner essence. To feel that even though all feels lost on the outside world, we are held by something greater inside the seat of  our soul.
That is what rebirth is about.
Not overcoming everything.
The truth is, we will always have challenges. Bad things happen to good people. Rebirth is about coming closer to the divinity that lives inside you, connecting to your inner wisdom and feeling connected to Source no matter what happens outside us.
So tell me dear friend, what stage of rebirth are you in? Are you in an ending, middle or beginning?

Hi, I'm Dawn Williams, a self-professed, Cloud Whispering Reiki Master based in NS, Canada. My work infuses the Divine frequency of Reiki with my innate ability to tap into patterns, symbolic references and intuitive story, evoking profound soul-based connections and energetic shifts. I specialize in long distance sessions.

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