"I see a granite stone on the left side of your heart space. Does this mean anything to you?" asked Judy thoughtfully.
I was sitting in a healing circle with three beautiful souls as we practiced a technique from a workshop we were all taking, to heal the original soul wound.
And it was powerful!
In our mentor's workshop two days prior, we had all been guided into the light to access  the middle of our heart chakra. Using our Mentor's technique, our intention was to heal the original soul wound - the first time in our soul's many incarnations where we had felt separate from the Divine.
Or to begin the process of awareness or healing.
From past deep healing work, I know my original wound.
It is a deep feeling of abandonment.
Of being left by those I love.
Of not fitting in, not belonging.
Of feeling unseen by God/Creator/Holy Divine (however you define it).
That night, I had a deep discomfort as the wound was revisited, so when two days later I met with my practice group, I asked them to hold the light with me so that I could continue the healing process.
In the Pillar of Light, I was held by spirit and these three beautiful souls as they witnessed my journey. It was during this session that Judy noted the stone that she felt in my heart.
Immediately, I thought of two energetic granite pillars which I had used as sentries for my property while doing healing with the land.
The granite pillars were solid, immovable, deeply protective and secure. Nothing could move them. 
I realized that this was a metaphor for the barrier that still remained in my heart. At that moment, with the help of the ladies and the Divine, I sent out a strong intention to open fully to the light!
The granite protective sentinel was no longer needed in my heart chakra. I could feel the light pouring down all around me as I spoke aloud my dearest wish, "It is safe to be me. I am safe and can never be separated from Noah, my Mom or my own inner essence. I am loved. I belong here."
"I belong here."
I felt an expansion of my heart chakra.
Judy suggested I carry a piece of granite to touch and remember that it is safe to be me. I thought that sounded like a great idea.
In between our session and my next client session, I went for a walk. The sun was brilliant, it was just like a spring day - glorious!
I felt such joy radiate through me as my energy field moved into heart coherence with the sun and I was shown the radiant kundalini emanating out like a wave of brilliant light! The granite stone in my heart broke up and radiated out into my energy field. 
I heard that the granite will still protect me but now, the essence of strength and protection will orbit in my field as a kind of satellite to keep out dense energy but allow in all that radiates with purity.
It takes my breath away, the purity and power of the light. This light, this feeling of being connected to something Divine within myself that radiates beyond self has been such a healing force in my life since my son's death in 2014.
In the light, I found parts of myself and my son's spirit, that I could never imagined existed. I found peace, forgiveness and a compassion for myself and every other person who is suffering on this planet.
We Belong Here, Together.

I'm Dawn Williams, a self-professed, Cloud Whispering Reiki Master/Teacher based in NS, Canada. My work infuses Energy-Based Protocols & Divine Streams of Energy (including Reiki) with my innate ability to tap into patterns, symbolic references and intuitive soul star story, evoking profound spiritual connections and energetic shifts.

There’s a Stone in my Heart
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