Last week I bought a bag of milk chocolate chips and when I got home, I discovered they were semi-sweet. I wasn't very happy because, I've been eating copious amounts of milk chocolate chips for a while now.
Nope not baking.
Just eating them.
But here's the thing - I don't really like semi-sweet.
I couldn't decide if this was a win or not LOL! Is the universe trying to say, "Enough with the sweets Dawn?"
Yesterday, while I was shopping, I decided to pick up one of those extra-large bags of milk chocolate chips. And I bought the expensive ones, after all, I'm worth it right?
I had a sudden urge to 'check the chocolate' as I was unpacking my groceries in the parking lot and as I was trying to rip open the bag and not freeze at the same time, I was suddenly jarred by the honking of a horn.
A young man in a small car was looking at me, laughing and gesturing... at first I didn't realize what he was trying to convey ... until I realized my cart was gone.
So, picture it, this mamma, all bundled up in winter gear, running with arms outstretched trying to stop my runaway cart as it zigged through the busy parking lot. I was laughing and running to be honest because I was acutely aware of how ridiculous I looked.
By some crazy fate, my cart would zig past cars and at the very last minute, as it was about to collide with a parked car on the other side of the parking lot, it moved ever so slightly and averted a head on collision... just as I was able to reach out and grab it!
I laughed in a discombobulated state all the way back to the car, as I reached in for the chocolate chips. Finally ripping them open with my teeth to discover...
OMG semi sweet chocolate chips.
I should have taken them back for a refund but my mind was swirling. You see, this isn't the first item that I noticed recently isn't packaged correctly:

--> The ivory soap that has a fragrance and gave me a rash (too much info, I'm sorry).
--> The Valentine aero truffles that were just aero (I made peace with that because, you know I don't really like truffles.)
--> The mint organic shampoos I've been buying for years that suddenly smells like baby shampoo and feels watered down.

At first, I was so peeved, "Why were they tricking us?" The last line of pleasure - food! Now they're messing with the food supply.
And then I realized, "The food supply is really being affected. Man, I'm lucky to have food. I am lucky to be able to afford chocolate. I am privileged to be eating when much of the world is struggling for basic necessities."
So I found peace in that it might not be the chocolate I want but in this moment, I will appreciate what I am fortunate to have.
Deep breath, I kept the chocolate. Some underpaid worker is doing their best to keep me in chocolate. The least I can do is appreciate it.
This reminded me that there are always many different perspectives to every story that we weave. Some are based in judgement, fear, deceit while others are compassionate, expansive and heart opening.
The opportunity in every moment, as the cart is flying through the parking lot of life, is to try and ensure that we don't hurt anyone by mistake. That we avoid head on collisions if possible.
And if the worst happens, at least I have chocolate.

PS I want to acknowledge that this definitely falls under the category of "first world problem" and is meant as an illustrative anecdote. I am acutely aware that given recent, multiple global events, this may seem irrelevant.
But here's the thing, it is clear that we need all hands-on deck at this moment in time to turn the tide of senseless corruption and abuse. We can be a part of the solution. Each time we deepen our own healing gifts, we strengthen the energy of compassion. And compassion for each other is what, ultimately, is needed most right now.
PPS I want to support you in your Reiki/Spiritual practice. It is my belief that taking control of our own healing power is one of the most truly empowering things we can do!
And when we step forward to support others in this way, the ripple is significant - your gifts are significant.
Here's the link to my Accuity Scheduler to get started NOW.
Don’t mess with my chocolate

2 thoughts on “Don’t mess with my chocolate

  • 21/03/2022 at 9:24 pm

    Well said as usual! And sooo hilarious. Disco.. What ? Did you make this up 😁

    • 22/03/2022 at 8:50 am

      All true LOL! Disco… what?! I had a great laugh for sure. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment my friend. xo

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