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"How do you connect with your guides & guidance?"

This is a question I've been asked many times. We each have a natural capacity to connect with beneficial beings and streams of sacred energy but it is often helpful to have some guidelines as we explore.
I connect to my guides (angels, nature, Ascended Masters, Archangels, spirit animals etc) in many different ways.
One thing I have learned through many years of experience is to always put myself and others in a White light of protection from the Divine Source and ask that all messages be for our highest and greatest good as determined by this greater power/spirit. I put my ego aside and open to the wisdom of a higher presence.
It feels sacred.
It feels peaceful.
It feels profound.
But sometimes, it is just a feeling of stillness.
A deep penetrating quieting of the soul.
A deep breath into my belly as I begin to tap into the primordial life force to support this connection. As above, so below.
There are, of course, many ways to tap into these streams of grace. For me, one of my main pathways is through the energetic frequency of Reiki. But there are many subtle realms and pathways.
In my experience, on the Shamanic pathway, it is important to journey with your powers (guides/animals/helpers) as this pathway has both beneficent and not so beneficent beings and energies.
This is also why I always begin in the pillar of white light and let the Divine open the portals/pathways/conenctions that are safe and aligned with my highest and greatest good.
So, how do I connect with my guides/guidance in general? Here are some of my favorite access points:
  • Nature - walking in nature, sitting, listening and breathing is key for me. It grounds me into the present moment and allows the excess energy to be released through the root into the earth for transmutation. This acts as a clearing mechanism so that we are able to 'hear' Divine guidance. The silence is our friend. If you don't already, sit quietly in nature and clear your thoughts. Breathe. Ask the Divine for guidance and then without expectation, see what comes. It could be something that you see, hear, feel etc. Be open to what shows up.
  • Breathing is key as well. The breath allows us to transform constricted feelings and move them through our body so that they do not get we don't get stuck. This creates a lighter vibration which is key to receiving these very intentional messages! What I mean by that is, we want to open to messages that are helpful in our everyday life and that help us to thrive. Some messages are from sources that wish to distract, siphon and lower your energy.
  • daily meditation practice. Consistency is key. Try building up the time you spend each day. For Reiki initiates it may be as simple as reciting and reflecting on the 5 Principles.
  • Reiki + Ask for guidance. Use Reiki to scan your body/chakras to see what comes up. The answer may appear in these psychic centres of your body and by using Reiki you are elevated to a higher vibration automatically enabling you to know. Again, pay attention to sensations, images, hearing, stories, memories which come up. What chakra did they arise? For example, the sacral chakra has to do with relationships, nourishing our creative self and our sexuality. Take everything into context and reflect on what the symbolism/story means to you in your experience! Filter all the messages in your heart centre so that they are fully aligned with the Divine realm. As you know psychic may not necessarily mean you are connecting with a higher vibration.
Hope this helps and creates a few more ideas for you to connect with your higher self and your guides.
PS Have you have ever felt uncertain with respect to the energy you are connecting with? Me too!! That's why  I created Trust Your Connection.  Say goodbye to fear and worry and hello to deep reverence, awe & expansion.
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I'm Dawn Williams, a self-professed, Cloud Whispering Reiki Master/Teacher based in NS, Canada. My work infuses Energy-Based Protocols & Divine Streams of Energy (including Reiki) with my innate ability to tap into patterns, symbolic references and intuitive story, evoking profound spiritual connections and energetic shifts.

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