Tune In with Safety & Certainty

Have you ever felt icky, nauseous or just down right creeped out when attempting to tune in to Spirit? Yes?! Well, I have too. That is, until I clearly defined the frequency of energy I permit in my field. Here's your free guide with easy steps to create your own sacred agreement with spirit. See ya later fear and worry and hello deep reverence, awe & safety!

Trust your Connection

Seed of Potential Reiki infused Visualization

Using the Seed of Life sacred geometry, this energy infused visualization helps you empower a goal or amplify your healing potential by accessing alternate planes of reality.

Open the Portal

What if accessing the highest potential healing wasn't just something you crossed your fingers and wished for?

What if there was a powerful force you always have access to if only you knew how?

What if I told you it was as simple as intending to access it with love and gratitude... while releasing all judgement of how it will happen?

If this piques your interest, if your heart did a little skip... grab this free visualization to walk you through one way of calling in this healing potential.

Womb of Creation

Step into the sacred waters... Energetically empower healthy feelings, creativity, intimacy and harmony as you connect with your flow and the sweetness in life. Step beyond ordinary reality as you activate your Divine feminine essence in this Reiki infused, immersive visualization.

Connect with Flow

Reiki New Client Checklist

This form provides a clear framework for you to explain to clients what to expect before, during and after a Reiki treatment. Establish a sacred container of trust with your clients using this straight forward guide for in person sessions.

Get Clear Here
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How does the Living World Support Healing & Abundance? This little gem will show you how by connecting tree spirits, intuitive story & earthy miracles with energy based protocols. In this thirteen page e-book, you learn energetic exercises inspired by nature to ground and centre. These pure, sweet practices will appeal to tree lovers, cloud whisperers and anyone who feels a deep kinship with nature.

Let's Get Grounded


Boost your Intuition with Symbolism, Story & Metaphor! Use Dawn's Soul Star Symbol Template and Guide to develop your own unique language with spirit. Release doubt as you move forward with certainty and trust in your own intuitive guidance.

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