Reiki Mentorship for Levels 1, 2 & Master/Teacher 
(Practitioner Focus & Self Healing)

Fine Tune Your Reiki*

*Although this is a mentorship container, it may include demonstrations or actual healing techniques applied to YOU if that's part of the inquiry for the session. This mentorship session is 30 minutes and directed by your focus/questions.
Welcome friend.
I trust you're here because we share a deep, rooted desire to assist others on their self healing path. These are powerful times for you to open to fresh new approaches & harness the benefits of subtle energy.  
This is my passion ~ to help you unlock healing pathways to embody the fullness of your gifts.
I also know how frustrating it can be to have burning questions about your spiritual / healing practice without a safe place to land.
Where do you start? 
There's so much information out there!
This session is curated to support you and show it doesn't have to take years to find answers.
It's amazing what can be accomplished in a deeply focused container.
In this session you may ask for guidance, information, suggestions, ideas or resources to support your spiritual practice and/or intuitive gifts.

Energy Healing Questions

1.0 Not Reiki Specific

  • Ask questions about your Spiritual/Energy Healing routine or customizing your own healing practice
  • Have a deep dive/guidance with respect to distance healing techniques and intuitive offerings if that’s your jam
  • Explore the difference between karmic influences, extraneous energy and ancestral healing/lineage legacies
  • Ask questions about chakras or HARA 
  • Explore symbolism, synchronicities, soul star story,  intuition (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance) and Visual Storytelling as an Art

2.0 Reiki Specific Questions

  • The traditional roots & components of Reiki
  • Western practices of Usui Reiki
  • Symbolism and synchronicities and how they add to a Reiki session
  • How to use intuitive story to supplement distance sessions?
  • What is and what is not Reiki and how to communicate this to a client?
  • Distance Reiki techniques and sessions (my absolute favourite!!)
I've got you!


In Their Own Words

In Person Immersion

Melanie Ring | NS CAN

This Reiki Second Degree Immersion met my expectations and more! I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for energy healing, a renewed and stronger faith in the interconnectedness of all forms and phases of life and…  the MIRACLE of it all.
Often, I was able to experience teachings from this course in a rich and meaningful way. I would think “Hey! This is REAL! “
Now, when facing obstacles and challenges that feel overwhelming at times, I’ve been connecting with the Source through Reiki and it most definitely guides and supports me … sometimes the synchronicities that start popping up are amazing!
Honestly, I cannot think of anything that would improve this experience. Each module was very helpful and clear in message. The in-person sessions were so much more than I ever expected, it was an incredible journey that has left me with many tools I can use in my life. 

What unique qualities does Dawn bring to mentorship?

Over the last 8 years, I have devoted myself to the spiritual path - exploring through nature (Munay Ki Rites), Reiki and energy healing workshops and certifications with luminaries such as Cyndi Dale, International Healer and author.
I bring a wealth of energy healing techniques, real life transformation, alternative viewpoints and a deep reverence for the sacred to all my work.
I’ve walked through the fire and managed to resource myself with many tools to find joy, peace and higher insight even in devastating circumstances.
There is nowhere I would rather be than creating unique journeys for you to experience your own healing magic and sacred connection to source.


In Their Own Words

In Person Immersion

Lisa Galvez | NS Canada

My Reiki Second Degree Immersion with Dawn was a very thoughtful, well curated, and extremely worthwhile workshop. Dawn combined both practical hands-on learning with relevant content and Reiki exploration.
All the key elements were there and more not to mention many references on how to continue the learning after the workshop.
I’m an inquisitive person, so I enjoyed the fact that it was very comprehensive with lots of time for questions throughout the day. This helped me feel safe and supported every step of the way.
I left the workshop feeling very confident in my practice using Reiki for its numerous healing benefits. It was such a great confirmation to feel so deeply connected to the Reiki energy.
I am extremely grateful to have Dawn as a mentor in my continued exploration of this approach. She is very generous in sharing her gifts and expertise as a Reiki Master.
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Reiki Certifications:
  • Jikiden Reiki Shoden & Okuden [Gabrielle Gietzen, Dai Shihan of the Jikiden Reiki Insititute Kyoto, Japan Feb/March 2023]
  • Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method of Natural Healing [Jo-Anne Cusack Feb 2018]
Energy Healing Certifications:
  • Certified Energy Healing/Four Pathways Professional: 12 Month Apprenticeship in Cyndi Dale's Energy Healing Certification Program [August 2022-October 2023]
  • Cyndi Dale's Radical Energy Healing: Aligning with the Divine Pathway to Access your Soul's Transformative Powers [April/May 2022]
  • Cyndi Dale's Expand Your Healing Powers with the Preeminent Energy Medicine Toolkit: Access the Essential Power Pathway & Supernatural Forces for Extraordinary Mind-Body-Spirit Transformations. 4 month workshop. [Nov-Feb 2022]
  • Dr. Melanie Smith's Tap Into Your Vagus Nerve's Healing Power to Rewire Your Nervous System for Optimal Health 7 Week Program [Aug/Sept 2021]
  • Amelia Vogler's Distance Healing 1: One-on-One Consultations with 10 hours of training in Spiritual and Energetic Development [July 2021]
  • Cyndi Dale's Advanced Radical Energy Medicine, 4 Month Training [November 2020 to February 2021]
  • Munay Ki Earth Keeper Rites [Jan/Feb 2019]
  • Bachelor of Education & Bachelor of Science (Math) 


Testimonials on this website are representative of best case scenarios, illustrating limitless potential of Reiki+SR and Energy Healing in general. Potential results reside within you. We make no Promises and we make no Guarantees with respect to results for all services/products/memberships offered. Reiki+SR is a complimentary form of energy work but is not a substitute for any type of medical treatment. Always consult with your medical (or otherwise) practitioner/therapist/expert.

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