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"Reiki+SR leads us gently into the arms of the Divine Source. Supported and safe, we experience our true nature. This creates a softening, an opening. Barriers crumble. Possibilities shift. Healing begins."

I'm Dawn Williams, a Cloud Whispering Reiki Master/Teacher & Intuitive Guide.

My work infuses Energy-Based Protocols & Divine Streams of Energy with my ability to tap into intuitive symbols, stories & patterns to help you access deep self awareness, inner peace & accelerated wellness.

Synergistic Resonance (SR) releases subconscious programming by unlocking your unique Soul Signature ~ allowing you to access higher states of consciousness like compassion, peace & joy.

Mystery Illness Transformed

Dawn is a gifted healer, who brings incredible wisdom, safety and generosity to her sessions. I came to my Reiki+SR session with a desire to discover the roots to an ongoing mystery illness that was greatly impacting my life. During my session Dawn uncovered specific ancestral lineage connections related to my health issues. Working with my ancestors was new to me but Dawn created such a safe, potent, healing space and gave me the specific tools I needed to embark on that journey. I felt the loving presence of my ancestors supporting me throughout our healing session and it was Dawn who made that possible. Not only do I now have an active and positive relationship with my ancestors, Dawn was able to facilitate a powerful healing & releasing in my throat and solar plexus that brought me immediate physical relief. The density and rage that I’d been carrying from and for my maternal lineage was gone. I felt lighter. I actually looked different after our session, brighter eyes, skin and inner glow. This has since created a positive ripple effect in my life, not only for my physical & emotional health, but also in my work as an artist.

Candace B British Columbia

1-to-1 Intuitive Energy Healing

Mini Healing

Mini Healing

This fully remote Intuitive healing session is efficient with time and maximizes impact. Experience Reiki+SR without the Zoom room!

Soul Speaks

Soul Speaks

We meet on Zoom for this distance energy healing session. Prepare to enter the temple of your being.

Client Testimonials

Real Life Results

Dawn is a truly gifted healer; I highly recommend her unique approach to energy work to help transform your life! In my long distance Reiki+SR session with Dawn, I asked her to focus on my left hip. I’ve had unexplained pain in this hip off and on for at least 20 years. Every doctor, chiropractor and massage therapist I’d seen told me there was no medical explanation for the pain. I didn’t expect to be able to relieve the pain but hoped that Dawn could receive some intuitive information about where the pain was coming from. As it turned out, this session opened up an energetic portal that allowed for complete healing of this pain. Dawn received a message that the pain was related to contracts my ancestors had agreed to in their lives that did not align with mine. She was able to burn those contracts and remove much of the associated blockages in my chakras and energy field. In the weeks after my session, my ancestors continued to come forward to complete the healing work and as a result, the pain has completely disappeared for the first time in my adult life.

Amy Dempster Following Hawks | US

My Reiki+SR treatments with Dawn have added to my healing what feels like an incredible, higher & DELICIOUS dimension, one that I could not have begun to imagine even existed. I lost my health, my career, my physicality and my marriage in one fell swoop. It felt like hitting a brick wall at full speed. In this process of reinventing my life and sense of self, all while learning to live in constant pain, I opened up to the ancient ways I had previously dismissed. Along with Western treatments, I learned to embrace and benefit from the medicine of energy. Enter Dawn. To say it was my good fortune to meet her would be an understatement. I struggle to articulate in a meaningful way what our sessions have offered up to my life and well being, in both novel and unexpected ways. Although it is my physical pain that brought me to Dawn, her GIFT to me has been an awakening & healing of my spirit, in ways I have never before experienced or thought possible. And with this has come a renewed and stronger sense of hope, of self, of spirit... and ultimately the beginnings of an inner knowing. All incredibly powerful tools to navigate through the rest of my present lifetime, whatever comes! I am forever grateful.

Melanie Ring NS | Canada

My Space of Grace session was most impacting, helpful, reaffirming and insightful. WOW! I AM still charged up from that. THANK YOU!

Blair Lister BC | Canada

Thank you from the depths of my being. I feel changed/shifted/healed in my soul.

Heather NS | Canada

The beautiful work I've done with Dawn these past few weeks has opened me up to so much more of myself and led me to experience great healing in so many areas of my life and so many layers of myself. I feel truly blessed to be able to work with her and to experience the transformations she has brought to my life.

Tanya Pavan ON | Canada

Thank you so very much for your teachings and support and also some incredible wisdom and insight. It was very profound on so many levels. So much came up to be released and renewed and I am learning to take it one step at a time.

Divya R Bethesda | US

Highly attuned to Spirit, Dawn holds a profoundly safe space for healing. She anchors calm and tunes in with the focus of an eagle, asking just the right questions, moving energy and allowing the shift to take place. I came away from the session with clarity and lightness.

Christina Bahati US

After working with you, I’ve felt a dramatic shift. I’m just so grateful and hopeful, where in past months I’ve often felt so hopeless. I feel the best I have in a long time, if ever! I’m finding joy as my guides lead me to other experiences that reinforce the energy work we did.

Brenda Canada

If I had to single out one part of this workshop as my favorite, it would be the healing meditations. Dawn has an incredible ability to take us deep into our soul and bring that healing in. Physically I am feeling healthier, emotionally I feel more grounded, mentally I feel more empowered, and spiritually I feel more connected.

Kristi D San Diego | US

You have such an amazing ability to welcome the 'whole' person in your offerings. I felt immediately safe and taken care of - which is so important and doesn’t always happen, and then effects the session. This helped me to both relax and be present, in that moment & open to the energy. Your ability to receive messages in preparation for your session with me - was so grounding for me. You are such a beautiful, gifted and amazing healer.

Sonia NS | Canada

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Dawn's Certifications

  • In Progress: 12 Month Apprenticeship in Cyndi Dale's Energy Healing Certification Program [August 2022-October 2023]
  • Cyndi Dale's Radical Energy Healing: Aligning with the Divine Pathway to Access your Soul's Transformative Powers [April/May 2022]
  • Cyndi Dale's Expand Your Healing Powers with the Preeminent Energy Medicine Toolkit: Access the Essential Power Pathway & Supernatural Forces for Extraordinary Mind-Body-Spirit Transformations. 4 month workshop. [Nov-Feb 2022]
  • Dr. Melanie Smith's Tap Into Your Vagus Nerve's Healing Power to Rewire Your Nervous System for Optimal Health 7 Week Program [Aug/Sept 2021]
  • Amelia Vogler's Distance Healing 1: One-on-One Consultations with 10 hours of training in Spiritual and Energetic Development [July 2021]
  • Cyndi Dale's Advanced Radical Energy Medicine, 4 Month Training [November 2020 to February 2021]
  • Munay Ki Earth Keeper Rites [Jan/Feb 2019]
  • Certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method of Natural Healing [Feb 2018]
  • Bachelor of Education & Bachelor of Science (Math)


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