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Client Praise for REIKI+SR

"After the session I went into a deep restorative sleep.  All of this resonates so deeply with things that have been coming up so much, especially in the last few months!  Your work is so potent, so needed and so greatly appreciated!"
—Client Feedback


"Dawn is a gifted healer, who brings incredible wisdom, safety and generosity to her sessions. I came to my Reiki+SR session with a desire to discover the roots to an ongoing mystery illness that was greatly impacting my life. During my session Dawn uncovered specific ancestral lineage connections related to my health issues. Working with my ancestors was new to me but Dawn created such a safe, potent, healing space and gave me the specific tools I needed to embark on that journey.
I felt the loving presence of my ancestors supporting me throughout our healing session and it was Dawn who made that possible. Not only do I now have an active and positive relationship with my ancestors, Dawn was able to facilitate a powerful healing & releasing in my throat and solar plexus that brought me immediate physical relief.
The density and rage that I’d been carrying from and for my maternal lineage was gone. I felt lighter. I actually looked different after our session, brighter eyes, skin and inner glow. This has since created a positive ripple effect in my life, not only for my physical & emotional health, but also in my work as an artist."
—Candace Balfour | British Columbia


"Highly attuned to Spirit, Dawn holds a profoundly safe space for healing. She anchors calm and tunes in with the focus of an eagle, asking just the right questions, moving energy and allowing the shift to take place. I came away from the session with clarity and lightness."
—Christina Bahati (Kennedy) | USA

"Thank you so very much for your teachings and support and also some incredible wisdom and insight. It was very profound on so many levels. So much came up to be released and renewed and I am learning to take it one step at a time."
—Divya R | Bethesda | USA

"I could feel the light coming into my body from my head to my toes. To describe this - it was like haveing an x-ray sheet (invisible piece of paper) scanning my body from the crown of my head to the bottom of my feet, sifting through my body. Like it was collecting the dust (or in my case the flu virus) and leaving clear light in its place."
—Cara Marshall | Alberta

"Everything resonated SO much! I have been so tired all week and really feeling a letting go, releasing and rebirth of kinds. Dawn's wise, caring and intuitive guidance and support was incredible. Even though Dawn is based in Nova Scotia, and I am in Kenya, I was able to receive a profound session that truly supported me from the minute Dawn and I connected and I shared my intention.
Dawn offers these sessions which can 'drop' at any time (even when you are sleeping) and before that she supports you with your intention for the session and what might be coming up around it, as well an intuitive reading shared after - that was so spot on! It's such a beautiful offering."
—Tara Jackson | Kenya


This workshop met my expectations and more! I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for energy healing, a renewed and stronger faith in the interconnectedness of all forms and phases of life and…  the MIRACLE of it all.
Often, I was able to experience teachings from this course in a rich and meaningful way. I would think “Hey! This is REAL! “
Now, when facing obstacles and challenges that feel overwhelming at times, I’ve been connecting with the Source through Reiki and it most definitely guides and supports me … sometimes the synchronicities that start popping up are amazing!
Honestly, I cannot think of anything that would improve this experience. Each module was very helpful and clear in message. The in-person sessions were so much more than I ever expected, it was an incredible journey that has left me with many tools I can use in my life.
—Melanie Ring | ns,  Canada


"I moved through a centuries old root chakra block & blew open my throat chakra. That has helped me exponentially for healing and the next stages of my biz."
—Tanya Pavan | Montreal | CAN

"I've seen Dawn a few times. I've always had a very good experience with Dawn and Reiki, and in the coming weeks saw many beneficial results. During one of my treatments Dawn mentioned she felt a large blockage in my throat area, I had noticed a very hot feeling there while she was treating me. I knew at the time that I had an enlarged thyroid, but shortly after this treatment I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on my thyroid.
This was shocking to me, but I firmly believe that was what Dawn had felt during my treatment. Since then I have been treated and resolved my cancer, but I credit Dawn with drawing my attention to the problem. Thank you so much Dawn!"
—Anonymous | CANADA

"Your insights were most insightful (haha), I guess that’s why they’re called that! Meaning those Divine moments that you allow through, the images you get, the in the moment presence that you bring not to just the Reiki/meditatitve times but the general teaching - I found your relaxed ‘down to earth’ manner so comforting and enjoyable.
It’s helpful to be in the presence/online with someone who you can feel their joy, this isn’t just another gig you’re skilled at so you do it… this is YOU showing up every time and that’s evident. My Space of Grace session was most impacting, helpful, reaffirming and insightful.WOW! I AM still charged up from that. THANK YOU!"
—Blair Lister | Canada

"After your Root, Release, reNEW workshop, I’ve felt a dramatic shift. I’m just so grateful and hopeful, where in past months I’ve often felt so hopeless. I feel the best I have in a long time, if ever! I’m finding joy as my guides lead me to other experiences that reinforce the energy work we did.
It’s like they’re saying “You’re ready now,” opening up opportunities for me to continue growing, expanding and healing. I’ve been experiencing a much more positive mindset, I’m more grounded, my focus is improving and so is my productivity as I get out of my own way to take action steps forward. It’s interesting how new opportunities all sort of touch on the work we did - it’s like I’m being led to continue the journey and keep the momentum going!"
—Brenda | Canada

"Dawn has a gift for teaching and healing.  Her lessons and meditations are life changing. Still every day, I am experiencing new feelings of empowerment as I leave this 7 week chakra workshop.
During these sessions, my guides showed me a generational curse on my family. I am still in awe at how my willingness to work with spirit coupled with Dawn’s instruction and healing meditation has allowed me to uncover something so big to help myself and family for 10 generations before me and my daughter and all generations to follow me. WOW! Love it!
If I had to single out one part of this workshop as my favorite, it would be the healing meditations.  Dawn has an incredible ability to take us deep into our soul and bring that healing in. Physically I am feeling healthier, emotionally I feel more grounded, mentally I feel more empowered, and spiritually I feel more connected."
—Kristi D San Diego | USA

"My Reiki+SR treatments with Dawn have added to my healing what feels like an incredible, higher & DELICIOUS dimension, one that I could not have begun to imagine even existed."
I lost my health, my career, my physicality and my marriage in one fell swoop. It felt like hitting a brick wall at full speed. In this process of reinventing my life and sense of self, all while learning to live in constant pain, I opened up to the ancient ways I had previously dismissed. Along with Western treatments, I learned to embrace and benefit from the medicine of energy.
Enter Dawn.
To say it was my good fortune to meet her would be an understatement. I struggle to articulate in a meaningful way what our sessions have offered up to my life and well being, in both novel and unexpected ways. Although it is my physical pain that brought me to Dawn, her GIFT to me has been an awakening & healing of my spirit, in ways I have never before experienced or thought possible. And with this has come a renewed and stronger sense of hope, of self, of spirit... and ultimately the beginnings of an inner knowing. All incredibly powerful tools to navigate through the rest of my present lifetime, whatever comes! I am forever grateful."
—Melanie Ring | NS, Canada

"My intention for this long-distance Reiki+SR session was to feel better physically and be more emotionally grounded; I felt this resoundingly and more deeply than I imagined possible!"
The session confirmed the blockage I felt was other people’s energy that I was carrying around, blocking my personal power. I felt a physical release as Dawn worked over my solar plexus (remotely). The healing was felt immediately and progressively. I experienced relief for the first time in a long time!
Dawn’s observations were amazing - the connection and truth resonated deeply. This session opened me up to a deeper belief in the renewable healing power that surrounds me constantly!"
—Deb Pyne-Young | Digby, NS

“You have such an amazing ability to welcome the whole person at ‘in-person’ sessions. I felt immediately safe and taken care of - which is so important and doesn’t always happen, and then effects the session. This helped me to both relax and be present, in that moment & open to the energy. Your ability to receive messages in preparation for your session with me - was so grounding for me.
The long-distance Reiki you sent Rita (beloved family cat) and I, was an absolutely incredible experience - the gift you gave to me - knowing what Rita needed. I know it could have been measured with my pulse/heart rate was literally like I felt a switch click off. I was overcome with a sense of calm, which allowed me to be there for her in her last hours.
You are such a beautiful, gifted and amazing healer.”
—Sonia & Rita | Fall River, NS

"Dawn is a truly gifted healer; I highly recommend her unique approach to energy work to help transform your life!"
In my long distance Reiki+SR session with Dawn, I’d asked her if she could focus her work on my left hip. I’d had unexplained pain in this hip off and on for at least 20 years. Every doctor, chiropractor and massage therapist I’d seen had told me there was no medical explanation for the pain.
I didn’t expect to be able to relieve the pain but hoped that Dawn could receive some intuitive information about where the pain was coming from. As it turned out, this session opened up an energetic portal that allowed for complete healing of this pain.
Dawn received a message that the pain was related to contracts my ancestors had agreed to in their lives that did not align with mine. She was able to burn those contracts and remove much of the associated blockages in my chakras and energy field. In the weeks after my session, my ancestors continued to come forward to complete the healing work and as a result, the pain has completely disappeared for the first time in my adult life."
—Amy Dempster | Montana, US

"It is my deep pleasure to recommend Dawn’s treatments as a way to uncover and discover knowledge to assist in attaining whatever is your heart’s desire for healing, healthy and happiness. Dawn’s journey to create meaning and purpose for her life has led her to supporting and serving others in their self healing, self loving paths. My Reiki and Synergistic Energy session with Dawn left me completely relaxed. A feeling of balance and empowerment came from the symbols and impressions Dawn shared with me after the session."
Jo-Anne Cusack | Fall River, NS

"It was exactly what I needed in order to work through thought and emotional patterns which no longer served my higher purpose. Dawn is a very talented INTUITIVE. I received guidance and CLARITY through working with her in a series of distance Intuitive Reiki+SR sessions with guided visualizations. Dawn’s empathy, the insights she provided, and her sincerity and warmth worked together well to give me a RICH experience that I won't soon forget. It was a fascinating experience from which I BENEFITTED GREATLY, I feel blessed to have had her be a part of my process. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance with spiritual matters."
—Sherene | Halifax, NS

"I previously had a long distance Reiki+SR session with Dawn last year. The session proved to be quite stunning. Among other things, she saw something that no one but me knew about and which was completely impossible to make up. So, I did not hesitate to come to her for an in person appointment a few months later. Dawn is a warm, soft spoken and attentive person who genuinely cares about her clients.
During this in person session, I experienced some unusual sensations such as an electrical current running along my body, a strong heat radiating between my body and her hands and I felt a ball of fire rushing out of my brain. In the few days before the session, I was going through a lot of thinking about my goals and my life. After Dawn revealed to me the signs she saw for me, my insecurities went away. I regained confidence in my ability to make decisions and it felt really good. Thank you, dear Dawn."
—Céline Rouillard | NS, Canada

"Throughout this 6-week program, I was surprised by how much I opened up. I had so many insights and reconnected deeply with myself. Dawn’s insightful queries helped crack the surface; the safe container she created allowed emotions, thoughts and energies to just pour out of me."
"During the psychic surgery and healing attunement, I was able to visualize and add my energy to the healing as she guided me through the process. I received so much from our time together…belief in myself, my healing plus a renewed belief in my ability to work on a deeper level with Reiki.
Because the work spanned six weeks, it really helped me integrate more daily practices into my life over time. I’ve gained many useful tools: visualizations, different ways to use crystals, reminders to look for and believe in the signs we see all around us, Reiki plus more! This all serves to ground me and help me focus on my healing and emotional wellbeing.
I loved working with Dawn over these six weeks, and look forward to working with her in the future."
—Sarah Powers | UK

"I am thankful and grateful for having the opportunity to experience one of Dawn's long distance Reiki+SR sessions. This was my first experience with Reiki and I found it very enlightening and beneficial. We scheduled a date and time for the session which helped me better prepare.
I feel the energy that Dawn connected to opened my eyes to many things about myself on a personal level and gave me a foundation for development and growth. After the session I felt a sense of clarity, warmth and gained a deeper understanding of myself. The report I received from Dawn after the session was fantastic as it provided me with the symbols and messages she had received. I would definitely recommend a session with Dawn if you are curious about Reiki+SR."
—Amber Budd | Scotland
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Classic Clearing

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Soul Speaks

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