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On the other side of 'discomfort and pain' is a subtle world of possibilities that are unlike anything you can imagine.
Learn to harness Divinely guided energy for spiritual healing that ripples out to all levels of being. Cultivate Radical Real Life Change with Reiki, Intuition, Subtle Energy & the Wisdom of your Higher Self.
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Dawn Williams BSc | BEd


Reiki Master/Teacher ⋅ Four Pathways Energy Healing Professional

Q: What is Reiki+Synergistic Resonance (SR)?

REIKI is a type of Energy Healing which promotes deep relaxation, supporting the body's natural ability to restore Optimal Wellness. Reiki is a gentle way to unearth subtle energies that may be disrupting healing on all levels of BE-ing.
Synergistic Resonance (SR) describes my ability to tap into conscious streams of energy like higher frequencies of light, intuitive symbols, stories & patterns to help you access deep self awareness, inner peace & accelerated well being.

Client Transformation

"Highly attuned to Spirit, Dawn holds a profoundly safe space for healing. She anchors calm and tunes in with the focus of an eagle, asking just the right questions, moving energy and allowing the shift to take place. I came away from the session with clarity and lightness."
Christina Kennedy | USA

June Group Reiki Offer
Stonehenge Edition

This month long, Reiki experience combines energy healing to "get back your flow".

We explore your sacral chakra, the element of water and your womb space to birth something new!

Add in an immersive journey to Stonehenge and you have all the magic and healing ingredients to unlock the creative gifts held in trust for you by your female ancestors!

First Leaf: Lineage Legacies (aka Ancestral Healing)
Have you ever considered that some stuck patterns, physical issues or belief systems might not be yours to 'heal' because they didn't actually 'start with you?' 
The challenging news: unhealed traumas of your ancestors may trigger heritable conditions being 'turned on' in your genes.
The good news: If they can be turned 'on' then logic says they can be turned 'off'. We do this by neutralizing the energetic imprint with Reiki+SR. 
Second Leaf: Karmic Healing
I don't believe a higher power/our higher self wants us to experience pain as retribution or that 'karma is a b#tch.'
What I do believe, is there are many toxic patterns that are so powerful it might take many lifetimes to create awareness, learn skills and make choices to create something new!
Why wait lifetimes?
The universe (God/Divine/Greater Spirit, whatever you call IT) wants you to succeed, make choices that are nourishing to your soul and don't cause harm to others! This is what we're here to learn ... together.
Third Leaf: Extraneous Energies
Other avenues of healing and releasing might focus on clearing, releasing 'interfering' energies, environmental stressors and energies or feelings you may subconsciously take on from other people (typically those we love to try and 'help' them, stay safe, keep the peace etc.)
We scan & observe your energy body to discover any leaks or imprints which might be originating outside of you. Clearing protocols, grounding protocols plus more may be explored depending on your unique needs.
My mentor notes that at least 80% (if not more) of our problems are not ours!
Fourth Leaf: You are Magic!
This is the part where we tap into what I call the "Divine Source", the holiest of holy energies that is just waiting to hold, witness and tenderly empower YOU. It is in this white light of intention that we always begin and end. Tap into your own wisdom and experience your higher self as the ineffable light of source that lives within all that is sacred, and, most especially ... YOU.

Dawn's Services

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Reiki+SR Energy Healing

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Real Life Transformation

"I came to my Reiki+SR session with a desire to discover the roots to an ongoing mystery illness that was greatly impacting my life. During my session Dawn uncovered specific ancestral lineage connections related to my health issues. 
Dawn was able to facilitate a powerful healing & releasing in my throat and solar plexus that brought me immediate physical relief.
The density and rage that I’d been carrying from and for my maternal lineage was gone. I felt lighter. I actually looked different after our session, brighter eyes, skin and inner glow.
This has since created a positive ripple effect in my life, not only for my physical & emotional health, but also in my work as an artist."
—Candace Balfour | British Columbia

Discover the Soul Level Truth of your Divine Essence & Claim Your Voice, Vision + Healing Power

"I'm not just spouting 'love and light.' I know how it feels to lose everything, to feel like life will never be the same again. And I'm here to show you a different path."
You see, eight years ago, I surrendered to the unimaginable when my fourteen year old son died of cancer. This tragic event led me on a quest to find my son's spirit & ultimately my own.
The Universe/Divine/Holy One (whatever you call it) responded by offering miracles of healing & unimagined synchronicities to hold my heart (including four leaf clover).
My soul was alchemized in a way that cracked me wide open to realms of healing and creative connection I never imagined possible. You can read my story HERE.


Reiki Second Degree Immersion
"This workshop met my expectations and more! I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for energy healing, a renewed and stronger faith in the interconnectedness of all forms and phases of life and…  the MIRACLE of it all.
Often, I was able to experience teachings from this course in a rich and meaningful way. I would think “Hey! This is REAL! “
Now, when facing obstacles and challenges that feel overwhelming at times, I’ve been connecting with the Source through Reiki and it most definitely guides and supports me … sometimes the synchronicities that start popping up are amazing!
Honestly, I cannot think of anything that would improve this experience. Each module was very helpful and clear in message. The in-person sessions were so much more than I ever expected, it was an incredible journey that has left me with many tools I can use in my life."
—Melanie Ring | Canada

Client Feedback

Dawn holds a profoundly safe space for healing, I felt seen and heard on a whole new level.

I felt a renewed hope and the opening of a deep inner knowing.

I released stubborn energy blocks that supported my physical healing.

I felt DRAMATIC shifts of energy.

I experienced an awakening and healing of my spirit in DELICIOUS and unexpected ways.

I felt resoundingly better physically and more emotionally grounded.

I experienced deep RELIEF for the first time in a long time.

I'm experiencing a more positive mindset than I've had in a long time, if ever, and improved focus.

Dawn helped me go deep into my soul and bring the healing in, I feel balanced and empowered.

I experienced dramatic shifts of energy - I feel release and renew, clarity and lightness.

Since working with Dawn, I'm finding JOY and new opportunities to expand and heal.

I feel so much lighter and woke with a feeling of PEACE I haven't had in such a long time.

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Have you ever felt icky, nauseous or just down right creeped out when attempting to tune in to Spirit?

Dawn's free meditation and writing prompts are designed to help you easily access portals of pure, loving connection. Goodbye fear and worry - hello deep reverence, awe & expansion!

Trust Your Connection


Testimonials on this website are representative of best case scenarios, illustrating limitless potential of Reiki+SR and Energy Healing in general. Potential results reside within you. We make no Promises and we make no Guarantees with respect to results for all services/products/memberships offered. Reiki+SR is a complimentary form of energy work but is not a substitute for any type of medical treatment. Always consult with your medical (or otherwise) practitioner/therapist/expert.

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