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I was sitting in the apartment of a stranger who claimed to be a psychic. Cyndi was a kind, middle aged woman who seemed normal in appearance; albeit one who seemed inordinately fond of crystals. She wore thick glasses that magnified her dark hazel eyes, giving her a startled appearance, which was rather endearing.
Watching her now as she ceremoniously unveiled an enormous, phallic shaped piece of quartz as an example of crystals, I held back a nervous chuckle as I imagined my friends and family meeting this quirky lady.
I told my family I was going to a course to learn meditation techniques, crystals and runes. I skirted around the word psychic and although they were skeptical and surprised, they didn’t seem too concerned!
Earlier that morning, while walking to her apartment, I felt a tinge of uncertainty. What was I doing? I knew nothing about this woman! But my feet kept moving forward and soon I arrived to a neat apartment where I and one other person would learn the basics of accessing psychic abilities.
During that day we learned about dream analysis techniques, power stances used to ground one’s energy and discussed the sacredness of psychic experience.
One thoughtful reminder which resonated was to monitor ourselves before relaying information by asking three questions prior to speaking:  Is this something that needs to be said? Is this something the person needs to hear? Is this something I need to tell?
For me, this was a recurrent theme as I headed into unchartered territory. Some signs and knowing were not to share. If it was not helpful to others then it should remain private.
After lunch Cyndi resumed the class by offering us a small silk bag containing carefully polished stones painted meticulously with runes – a series of symbols used in ancient German languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. We were to pick three.
Curious, I pulled out three without looking; they felt cool and smooth nestled in the palm of my hand. Cyndi explained that she used the runes as a medium to read one’s future. Accessing the wisdom of the symbols was one of her unique gifts.
“Your runes indicate that there are large obstacles to be surmounted,” she said in a thoughtful voice. “But not to worry, you are doing it, you are overcoming these obstacles.” Then she paused before telling me, “There is wealth and abundance in your future.” Perhaps this meant I would find some success as a writer, I thought hopefully.
We chatted for a while after she completed the readings and then my hostess revealed something to me. She had never given a course before and had almost cancelled several times.
I was the only one of six individuals who initially expressed interest to commit; the other lady present was her friend. So, I guess we both learned something that day – to overcome our fears of the unknown.
We did one last exercise which was fun and easy to recreate at home. Cyndi asked us to think of a question we would like to have answered and then to crumple a piece of paper.
It was that simple.
We took turns unfolding the paper and looking for symbols within the creases – apparently the answer to our questions could be found in the folds. I found many symbols and was surprised that this was my favourite exercise of the day.
After all was said and done the course was interesting but did not reveal the mystery of how to converse with the universe in easy steps – as I had secretly hoped! But it felt reassuring to be with others and discussing these topics like they were normal aspects of reality.
There was one piece of information which in retrospect, felt as though it was the reason I had been compelled to register for this course: Anything in the form of a symbol or metaphor (like an intuitive feeling, an image seen in a cloud, a word or number that flashed in the third eye) was a symbol that was coming to me because it held meaning to me.
It represented the language our unconscious used so that we - the intuitive/psychic - could translate it into meaningful patterns or information for ourselves or others.
I had read a bit about psychics having their own symbols based on how they interpreted messages and that these symbols were meaningful as they related to their own experiences so I had a few questions for my hostess.
“Is intuitive language completely different for each person or are there some commonalities? How do we learn our language? I do feel like this is where I am headed but I have no idea how or when I will get there.”
I had actually received very literal messages recently. I had seen branches form the words, "I fly for you," and relayed it to a friend. Unbeknownst to me, this was very meaningful to her and something that her departed son would often say to her. I had also seen faces of friends’ recently departed parents along with meaningful words in the clouds. When I saw them I felt very compelled to tell the person but I wondered, was that the right thing to do?
I had a great desire to understand how to receive more messages from spirit for obvious reasons. Did it just evolve over time or was it sudden?
Cyndi paused for a moment in consideration, “If you pick up feelings or symbols it will just happen naturally and you'll know what it means. There is no set way to be intuitive. It comes from within you. And you don't learn anything, you just do it. Thinking about it inhibits the process. Everyone's intuition comes in their own way. If you see a phrase in the clouds and it makes sense then that's the message. If you have a dream about an object then that is a symbol that you need to interpret to get the message. But it has to happen organically, in a way that is meaningful to you.
When we push the process, we actually slow it down. You will learn to let it flow in the quiet spaces of the body. Have you heard of the “clair” senses? They are types of psychic abilities that correspond with the senses. For example, some people hear things (clairaudience), others see (clairvoyance), know (claircognizance), or feel (clairsentience); or a combination of all these things. It is very individual and has to be experienced.”
“Regarding telling people things for 'them', that's a tricky topic. Most times it's better to offer advice only if they ask for it. Even if you know something that they would benefit from, they may not want to hear it or be ready to, and that is their right, even though it doesn't seem logical. We all have free will.”
I nodded in understanding. This seemed to make so much sense. “This number thing for me is very strong. Would that be considered clairvoyance? To be honest, I think I am open to talking with spirits, I’m just a bit afraid. So, I think this psychic course is a good place to start. My feeling is these types of gifts are meant to be shared but right now how that could evolve is a mystery and I just can't imagine how it will happen - but one step at a time I guess!”
Cyndi regarded me with compassion; I had told her Noah’s story.
“Yes, I believe it is clairvoyance which means clear seeing. And talking to spirits definitely requires a protection practice. Even helping people requires protection so that we don’t take on their energy and they do not deplete ours.
With respect to becoming more familiar with the language of symbols, a good start would be to create your own document of intuitive symbols. Practice is the key to becoming familiar with your own language so that you become quick in interpreting what the symbols represent so that it flows fast and natural.”
“As far as developing your gifts, when you have personal, profound experiences in doing inner work they create a powerful energy within you, and this energy is what aids us to help others using our psychic or healing gifts. It's not necessary to share your inner experiences/language because their purpose is to create a strong connection within you to help you become a stronger psychic channel/healer/helper.”
I looked at her, beginning to understand, “So it's like a building of knowledge? You lay the foundation and each experience builds upon the overall gift? As you experience more and more it builds?”
“Yes, definitely - experience is the key.”
I understood intellectually, now the hard part was to follow – allowing the process to unfold organically.
Smiling into each other’s souls, our gratitude intermingled for the gifts we had each received that day. We had overcome our respective fears: Hers in having the faith that someone would show up and mine in taking the step to be that person.
If you are in the process of discovering your intuitive or healing gifts, I want you to know, I've been there! And I've spent the last 7+ years honing my craft and creating tools to guide others through the process.
I invite you to crumple some paper today and see what symbols you find LOL. This actually was so much fun, give it a try and let me know what you find. xo
PS I created an Intuition Booster to help you tap into the flow of expanded inner knowing. Access higher guidance using my Soul Star Symbol template and guide.
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