I’ve had many teachers on this spiritual path ~ they have shown up just when I needed them in the most unusual ways. 

Take Jane for example.

I met Jane through an Instagram cat account I had created for Captain Jack, our tabby cat.
Jane lived in New Zealand where she wrote poems, dabbled in nature photography and was a lover of all things feline! She had also been through an immense amount of suffering in her life which she shared in small snippets, like little windows into the dark spaces of her being.
She encouraged me to write, to embrace nature photography and she also opened me up to some of my very first shared spiritual encounters.
Here’s one story describing how I discovered Oracle cards…
I spent many evenings on Instagram discussing a wide range of topics with Jane. She didn’t want to delve into personal topics but was generous in discussing ideas, concepts and philosophy.
As long as we didn't impose our own beliefs on each other, she was open to the topic. One day, she shared her enjoyment in using shamanic wisdom cards for guidance when facing challenges.
This fascinated me; she very patiently answered my many questions on how it worked.
The deck of cards* she used was intended to nurture the intuitive process inherent in us all and bring clarity and healing.
These cards were similar to Oracle or Angel cards. Up until this point in time, I had never been exposed to anything remotely similar. Fascinated, I asked many questions on how they were used.
Then Jane made a novel suggestion.
It was easier to demonstrate with the cards then explain over the internet. She suggested I sit for a moment and ask my higher self for a number between one and fifty, she would then read me the associated card so that I might better understand.  
Truly, it seemed rather mystical – but something inside me loved it, hungered for this even though I did not know what this was at the time.
I sat quietly with the intention of receiving a number.
And much to my surprise, a number whispered in my brain!
But even more AMAZING, was the fact that the message on the card associated with this number gave such insight into my current challenges.
Over the next few months a number would randomly appear to me when I was stuck, anxious or needed clarity and I would think, “I need to ask Jane for a reading on this number.”   
This continued until one day I thought, "I need the number fifty!"
Jane informed me the cards only went to the number forty-nine and suggested we use that since it was closest to fifty.
At first, I agreed but something did not feel right. 
I told Jane, “No, I don’t think that’s the right number.” She soon texted me back that there was one un-numbered card. Did I wish to choose that one? 
Yes! That was the one.
I just knew it.
When she read my card, I was shocked to note it was all about the gateway to the stars and finding your own path to intuition and knowing. One passage stood out to me:
“… walk the path of the rainbow that is the trail of the Light. All opens to you, the inner realm of spirit and the magical power of being.”
During this time, I was searching, honouring that original feeling of the whisper within that I had felt when taking that first tree photograph with the message in its branches. I became obsessed with trees, sky and nature. I took many riveting photos but search as I might, I did not find any further messages.
But then one day, I noticed a face in the branches. It was crude, but I imagined it was Noah’s smiling countenance.
So, I started to believe. 
Deep in my heart, I held this knowledge close, not revealing it to anyone. 
Afraid that just as Jane’s early experience had taught her to hide her psychic abilities that I too would be judged or diminished for thinking it could be possible. 
But the message in the tree and the wisdom of the cards gave me hope that this fledgling connection which I could sense with my child was real. What beautiful messages those cards revealed.
Strangely, the most amazing part was that, after choosing Star Gate, I never again felt the urge to ask Jane for a number. 
Gradually, I came to believe that we all have a unique purpose here that only we can fulfill – something beautiful and meaningful to enrich our lives and that of others. This was the encouragement I needed to find my purpose ~ my reason for being in this confusing, messed up existence. 
Inevitably, the question became, “How do I find my purpose?"
There was no turning back.


* the card deck noted above was Wisdom of the Four Winds, Shamanic Wisdom Cards by Barry Brailsford

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Almost a decade ago, I surrendered to the unthinkable on the death of my teenage son. This tragic event led me on a quest to find his spirit & ultimately my own. The Universe / Divine / Holy One (whatever you call it) responded by offering miracles of healing & unimagined synchronicities to hold my heart ~ including hundreds of four leaf clover.
My soul was alchemized in a way that cracked me wide open to realms of healing and creative connection I never imagined possible.
Today, it is my deep privilege to guide others back home to healing on their quest to 'remember.' My work infuses Energy-Based Protocols & Divine Streams of Energy (including Reiki) with my ability to tap into intuitive symbols, stories & patterns to help you access deep self awareness, inner peace & accelerated wellness.

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