I hear a lot about cutting cords in the energy healing realm.
It's a thing!
And yes, it's true.
When in relationships, energetic cords form between you and other people all the time. Problems arise when relationships are not nourishing or loving.
In fact, they may be draining or even down right toxic.
These are the cords that are typically being cleared or cut.
But here's what I've noticed: people seem to be doing a lot of repetitive clearing of cords! They often come back multiple times and there appears to be a lot of fear and 'them versus us' narrative around it.
It also feels very disempowering in that 'they' seem to have all the power!
I've been reflecting on this and why traditional Reiki doesn't cut cords.
In fact, the whole premise of Reiki is that by adding Divinely sourced energy, we can recharge and heal. The dissonant energy drops away naturally.
I'm not saying clearing isn't a thing, I do it all the time with great effects and it compliments Reiki.
I remember Cyndi Dale saying in one of our teaching sessions that we don't always have to let go to heal. It doesn't always have to be so hard. That instead, we can take a break and just let more love in.
What a freaking relief, right?!
This has the effect of eventually moving the stuck/dissonant energy out of our field as we become more attuned to the frequencies of compassion, love & forgiveness.
This felt like a huge epiphany to me! Healing doesn't always have to be hard! We can let go with softness and slowly at our own pace.
And then I had another huge epiphany ~ this is exactly what happens with the energy of Reiki!!
As a practitioner, I hold the frequency of Reiki and then offer it to my clients. The higher frequencies of divine love, compassion, wisdom and truth are offered and begin to sift through your energy body. All that does not resonate with that frequency eventually drops away if we are open to receive ... more love.
In fact, Reiki helps us have our own internal wisdom and epiphanies with respect to what need is being filled by certain toxic relationships or negative patterns that they 'stick' to us in this way. This is all subconscious of course!
In this way, Reiki helps dissolve the energies that are not for our highest and greatest good at a pace that is healthy and compassionate to all.
This is a different approach to 'cutting cords' which might feel great in the short term but not address the subconscious reasons for this merging with other in unhealthy ways.
Having said all that, I did record a YouTube video to dissolve cords using Reiki and the Blue light frequency (lol).
You can watch my Cord Clearing video here ~ let me know what you think!
Why is this different, you may ask? Here are my reflections:
  • The cords are dissolved and not cut. Dissolving allows all intrusion to melt away without any residual energy left over. The cord is sent to Source to deal with in compassion. It is not your responsibility to heal others and it is compassionate to ask for assistance for the others from something outside yourself that is loving and wise (Source).
  • Reiki guides us with the wisdom of Source, it's not our burden to decide how or what to do.
  • The blue light is basically the holy fire, a frequency of truth that is catalyzing and powerful. Tempering it with Reiki is very effective and profound.
I would love to hear what you think about cords and if you have any experience with cutting them only to have them reattach and I would love to work with you in letting in more loving energy. If this resonates, book a free discovery call here.
I'm here to support you in nurturing your own intuitive nature. Check out my offerings HERE to get started today!

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Almost a decade ago, I surrendered to the unthinkable on the death of my teenage son. This tragic event led me on a quest to find his spirit & ultimately my own. The Universe / Divine / Holy One (whatever you call it) responded by offering miracles of healing & unimagined synchronicities to hold my heart ~ including hundreds of four leaf clover.

My soul was alchemized in a way that cracked me wide open to realms of healing and creative connection I never imagined possible.

Today, it is my deep privilege to guide others back home to healing on their quest to 'remember.' My work infuses Energy-Based Protocols & Divine Streams of Energy (including Reiki) with my ability to tap into intuitive symbols, stories & patterns to help you access deep self awareness, inner peace & accelerated wellness.

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Why I don’t cut cords
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